You Have Reached Your Destination!


The week of waiting was a tough one. My boyfriend started his trial for his job immediately after arriving in Sydney, leaving me to stay home with his friend (and our caretaker for the week) along with her child. But I didn’t mind, as his friend slowly became a really great friend of mine too.

It was definitely a hot stay, as air conditioning was simply something I was going to have to learn to live with out, but we kept it cool by keeping doors open and taking multiple swims in the pool. On some days I would stay at home alone and fend for myself, reading mostly, and wait until the time my boyfriend got home to tell me about his day. I knew it was a temporary fix, and as much as he urged me to get out and take a bus into the city, I just…

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Christmas Trees: Not Just for Christmas Anymore!



Every year my kids ask me if we can put the Christmas tree up on the day after Thanksgiving. A lot of people do that but I always feel like we should celebrate Thanksgiving all the way through the four days off before we start kissing under the mistletoe and whatnot.

So I always say no and put it off until mid-December. It’s just something I have to gear up for. Namely because I have to rearrange the furniture which leads to a conniption fit on my part because of all the socks, pet hair, pencils, candy wrappers, etc. that are discovered under the couches. One year I found a chicken bone.


I came up with an idea. I know. Brace yourselves.

And I can only say this now that we no longer have toddlers in the house to break the ornaments or knock down our 25 year old…

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